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Activities of WTLS

Schedule of the Third Biennial Conference of the World Tort Law Society
   2018/2/4 21:07:59

9:00-9:20    Opening Ceremony (20¡¯)
             Welcome Address (20¡¯): Suzanne Reynolds & Michael D. Green
9:20-11:45   Debate on the Foundations of Tort Law: Causation
9:20-9:40    Welcome and Opening Lecture (20¡¯): Helmut Koziol
9:40-11:00   Impulse statements (1h 20¡¯)
             North American Perspective (20¡¯) : Michael D. Green
             Asian Perspective (20¡¯) : Fumihiro Nagano
             (Continental) European Perspective (20¡¯) : Willem H. van Boom
             Mixed Jurisdiction Perspective (20¡¯): Anton Fagan
11:00-11:45  Discussion (45¡¯)
11:45-13:15  Lunch Break
13:15-15:15  Road Traffic Accidents
General Remarks on Specific Legal Systems: Overview and Interplay of Compensation Systems
13:15-13:45  First Session (15¡¯ per jurisdiction)
             North America: Bruce Feldthusen
             China: Yang Lixin/Wang Zhu
13:45-14:15  Discussion (30¡¯)
14:15-14:45  Second Session (15¡¯ per jurisdiction)
             UK: Ken Oliphant
             Israel: Ronen Perry
14:45-15:15  Discussion (30¡¯)
15:15-15:45  Coffee Break
15:45:-16:45 General Assembly

9:00-12:00   Morning Session
General Remarks on Specific Systems II & Case 1
9:00-9:30    Third Session (continuing from Wednesday; (15¡¯ per jurisdiction)
             Taiwan: Cindy Whang
             Italy: Alessandro Scarso
9:30-10:00   Discussion (30¡¯)
10:00-10:30  Coffee Break (30¡¯)
10:30-11:15  Case 1 (child knocked over, 15¡¯ per jurisdiction)
             Netherlands: Willem H. van Boom
             UK: Donal Nolan
             South Africa: Anton Fagan
11:15-12:00  Discussion (45¡¯)
12:00-13:30  Lunch Break: Faculty Discussion
             Australia: Mark Lunney
             Germany: Gerhard Wagner
13:30-17:00  Afternoon Session: Case 2, 3 and 4 (with coffee break)
13:30-14:15  Case 2 (accident involving two drivers, 15¡¯ per jurisdiction)
             Malaysia: Parameswary Mari
             Japan: Fumihiro Nagano
             North America: John C. P. Goldberg
14:15-15:00  Discussion (45¡¯)
15:00-15:30  Break (30¡¯)
15:30-16:00  Case 3 (consent to drunk ride, 15¡¯ per jurisdiction)
             Macau: Tong Io Cheng
             North America: Catherine M. Sharkey
16:00-16:15  Discussion
16:15-16:45  Case 4 (brake failure, 15¡¯ per jurisdiction)
             China: Yang Lixin/Wang Zhu
16:45-17:00  Discussion

9:15-11:45   Morning Session
9:15-11:45   First Session: Automobiles, Tort Law, and Insurance
             Moderator: Ralph Peeples
             The Regulatory Sweet Spot for Autonomous Vehicles: Mark Geistfeld
             The Intersection Between Tort Law and the Automobile: Nora Engstrom
             Product Liability and Insurance as Regulation in the Transition to Driverless Cars: Kyle Logue
             The Liability Implications of Highly Automated Vehicles: Emily Frascaroli
11:45-13:15  Lunch Break
13:15-16:30  Afternoon Session
13:15-14:45  Second Session: Motor Vehicle Accidents Around the World
             Moderator: Ken Oliphant
             A Comparative Analysis of Accident Systems: Ernst Karner
             Extra-Strict Liability in France: Jean-S¨¦bastien Borghetti
             No Fault (Pure) in Canada: Daniel Gardner
14:45:15:00  Break (15¡¯)
15:00-16:30  Third Session: Reflections From the Trenches
             Moderator: Jonathan Cardi
             Don Beskind
             Dave Daggett
             Kirk Warner
             Tom Karol
16:30-17:00  Break (30¡¯)
17:00-18:00  Reception with Law Board Visitors and Alumni

10:00-13:00  Morning Session
             R¨¦sum¨¦, outlook, further course of action
13:00-14:30  Lunch Break
14:30-15:00  Closing Ceremony

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Activities of WTLS
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