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   2017/11/25 14:32:53

Lixin YANG (Renmin University of China, China)

Lixin YANG, born in 1952, Professor of Law School and Director of Research Center for Civil and Commercial Jurisprudence of Renmin University of China. He also acts as Vice Chairman of China Civil Law Society, Chairman of Beijing Law Association for Consumer Rights and Interests Protection and Director-General of Academy for East-Asian Tort Law. He graduated from the 1st Senior Judge Class organized by Law School of Renmin University of China. He used to be the Deputy Chief Justice of Intermediate People's Court of Tonghua, Jilin Province; Chief Judge of Trial Court of the Civil Law Division of the Supreme People's Court of P. R. China and Chief Procurator of the Civil and Administrative Department of the Supreme People's Procuratorate of P. R. China. His field of research covers the general principles of civil law, property right law, tort liability law, law of obligation and contract, personality right law, family law, law of consumer protection. He was involved in the legislative work of over 10 laws of China, including the Contract Law, Property Right Law, Tort Liability Law, Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests. He worked as the key member on the legislative team for Tort Liability Law. He is also the author of a number of well-known books and textbooks, such as Tort Liability Law, The General Principle of Civil Law, Personality Right Law, and Law for Medical Malpractice. He has published over 400 papers on journals in China, including Social Sciences in China, Chinese Journal of Law and China Legal Science. Many books and papers have been translated into English, Japanese, Korean and Italian and published overseas.

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